Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunday 5th July 2009

Having looked at the new thermometer this morning I can now safely say that it doesn't work, think the glass is too thick for it to able to read the temperature. So off we go for a lovely trip to 'Pet's At Home' in Christchurch.
I bought another new thermometer, this time it's placed inside of the tank, it should work being that close to the water. Got some suckers that hold the air pump pipes in place. Bought 1 artificial plant to hopefully hide the filter pipe, heater, wires, and air pumps. It should also act as a weight to weigh the air pumps down, keeping them in place. I rinsed everything thoroughly before doing anything else with them. Got 3 more plants for the tank, placing them in, then rearranging the tank possibly for the last time, so it is now perfect. Found a snail playing in the tank after placing the plants in, have named him "Snailly".

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