Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunday 5th July 2009

Having looked at the new thermometer this morning I can now safely say that it doesn't work, think the glass is too thick for it to able to read the temperature. So off we go for a lovely trip to 'Pet's At Home' in Christchurch.
I bought another new thermometer, this time it's placed inside of the tank, it should work being that close to the water. Got some suckers that hold the air pump pipes in place. Bought 1 artificial plant to hopefully hide the filter pipe, heater, wires, and air pumps. It should also act as a weight to weigh the air pumps down, keeping them in place. I rinsed everything thoroughly before doing anything else with them. Got 3 more plants for the tank, placing them in, then rearranging the tank possibly for the last time, so it is now perfect. Found a snail playing in the tank after placing the plants in, have named him "Snailly".

Saturday 4th July 2009

Popped into town today and bought 2 more bags of gravel, net, thermometer and my first tub of fish food from an Aquatic shop in Poole town centre. The we trundled off to 'Pet's At Home' store at Fleetsbridge and where I got a tank cleaner and a book called "The Aquarium Fish Handbook". I also got some fetching stationary to keep a record of the fish I want and any other information I may want to record.
I washed 1 bag of gravel and arranged it into the tank, the placed the thermometer onto the side of the tank in it's correct posistion. It seems not to work.

Friday 3rd July 2009

Ok, have given the tank a once over today of what I think it might need. Something to weigh the air pump tubes for a start! A thermometer will be an essential item, a net, and possibly some kind of cleaning tool. Most definitely more gravel. Maybe something better to hide the air pump tubes than the plant that's been doing the job so far.

Wednesday 1st July 2009

All seems to be looking well in the tank today, took a couple of videos though.

Tuesday 30th June 2009

I washed the gravel today, 2 bags of purple gravel, gorgeous. Washed the Athenian ruin, Clam and my very first plant. Placed all of the decorations into the tank, the filled with water, which was quite exciting. Put in the 3 trial sized packets of Stess Zyme + and Stress Coat + in the water. Don't think that there is enough gravel in the tank for my liking. Then came the grand turning on!!

Monday 29th June 2009

My brand new fish tank arrives, am so excited!!
Then came the tricky part, where to put all the wires and out of tank equipment, and installing all the other electrical equipment where there's little chance of water getting into it or being seen from the outside world, but where it will also be easily accessible in case of an emergency. By 1am Tuesday morning is was sorted.

Clam Cam