Sunday, 19 July 2009

What a day!!!

What a day!!! today has been so packed with things to do with my fish tank. first of all we went down to pets at home and got my water re-tested and found out that the water is now fine, and i bought some fish 4 infact simease algae-eaters or so we thought and some new fish food for them (catfish pellets), and we went thinking everthing was fine. So of we went to the fish shop in pool and bought some filter pads and off we went home. So when we got home the fun, began first we took the plants out of the buckets and placed them in the tank , did a water change, then we started on the fish we have put them in a bucket andwe will place them in the tank on tuesday. Now for a shock i was inspecting the fish closely realised that they looked a bit like simaese flying fox but the problem is their really agressive, possessive and will fight one another but they will still eat algae untill they get a bit older, and there really lazy and will eat alot and will sit on a leaf of a plant and stay there, and they grow up to 12cm so i might have a agressive ,possessive, fat,lazy semi algae eater , all kept in one tank . i can't wait to find out if it's a flying fox or not .

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